Hi, I'm Coco!

... a multiply neurodivergent (autistic, ADHDer with a few learning disabilities) visual artist and writer originally from Italy and Switzerland. I used art first to survive, and now to advocate for neurodivergent acceptance and mental health.

Emotions, connections and atmospheres are all things I had to explore with a particular depth in order to understand how to find my place in a society definitely not made for neurodivergent folks. Figuring everything out with no role models, or recovering from abuse with little to no adequate support was tough. I owe finding my way through the darkness to beautiful souls whom I've been lucky to find on my path and to my immense, endless, infinite curiosity!

I create art to spark joy, comfort, pride and acceptance and to share my lived experience as a multiply neurodivergent. With my companion birds, I sing about both the uplifting and the difficult things.

Corinne Stoppelli, bird art

I draw inspiration from all the gorgeous details and sensations provided by the sight of tiny creatures and the sound of the wind in the trees, but also by conversations with my loved ones or with strangers... sometimes even overheard words.

I finds beauty in details, in acts of kindness, puffy feathers, bread crumbs, open windows and wanted to put it all in my art. My favorite bird is the tree sparrow.

From one neurodivergent to the others, with Love xoxo

Cocomoino, the brand

Cocomoino: bird stationery and giclée art prints

Cocomoino is my art and stationery brand. I own and run everything on my own for now. Every piece is based on my original art.

The giclée art prints are reproduced with the finest materials to make them look as vibrant as her original pieces, but also durable. They will last a lifetime!

I designe, printe & package everything in my tiny studio. I use vegan ink and paper and do my best to source materials as sustainably as possible and reuse them when it's possible.

By buying here you support an independent artist, a small woman/non-binary autistic run business and a human always trying to do her very best despite adverse conditions. Thank you!

The tools and techniques

My bird art is made with watercolor, carbon ink but also other art techniques

I mostly uses carbon ink and watercolors, but I also enjoy a collage here and a mural there, because why not. I like mixing techniques in my pieces and exploring textures and bold colors. Lately I've been exploring digital art and product creation.

Other works

When I don't sketch birds, I like exploring abstract surrealism.

I am also a happily multi-tasking person and some of my professional endeavours are: digital product and brand designer, travel blogger, author and photographer. All of these things deeply relate to my love for expression, colors, shapes and details.